Race and Event Management

With the experience of curating and promoting over 50 races and events. From trail runs of a few hundred participants to music festivals of over 90,000; TransCon Expeditions prides itself on creating challenging and memorable events throughout the United States. 

TCX specializes in full scale operational plans that focus on the experiential side of events. Each event is tailored to the environment and landscape in which it is held. 

Please reach out if you are interested in having TCX help out with your race or event. No project is too small or complex.

Endurance Sport Coaching

In partnership with Run On Dirt Coaching, TCX can help find the best coach for your endurance goals and aspirations. 

For many athletes, a massive gap exists between setting your endurance goals and responsibly achieving them. That is why TCX has partnered with Run on Dirt Coaching to help athletes of all abilities achieve their goals. 


Run on Dirt Coaching exists to provide a positive environment that allows runners of all abilities to improve, gain confidence and achieve their full potential with consistent and productive personalized training programs.

Each individualized training plan will address your running challenges while capitalizing on your strengths. Run on Dirt coaches will work together to achieve your goals and improve your running fitness based on current ability. Trail running and ultramarathon training plans seek to balance life, work and training while keeping the workouts fun and effective. Leverage your coach’s knowledge, experience and passion for trail running to reach optimum performance levels. Soon you will be pursuing goals and chasing dreams you never thought possible.

Race Crewing Services and Consulting

The abilities and composure of a crew can make or break an endurance event. Selfishly, we think that crewing is the glue that keeps things together. With the experience of crewing multiple trail runs from 100 miles to multiple months. We have the experience, organization, and humor to keep one foot in front of the other. 

TCX offers services focusing on making sure you get to the finish line. We are available remotely or to be at the race taking on the full crewing responsibilities. 

Route planning and cross checking

Nutrition planning

Meal planning and preparation

Local support and drivers

General physical therapy and massage therapy 

Expedition & Travel Planning

Looking to plan a multi day/week/month expedition or trip? Taking on an attempt at a FKT of an existing record? TCX has experience planning and executing endeavors that create lasting memories for everyone involved.

If you think spreadsheets are sexy than we are on the same page. With any endurance or travel related endeavor, proper organization is the key to success and minimizing stress. TCX will manage any or all of the logistics to make it happen:

National/International travel booking and itineraries (flights/lodging/onward transport/etc.)

Organization and hiring of local support and fixers

Daily route planning and crosschecking

Nutritional planning

Meal planning and preparation


We have experience working in 6 continents, in over 20 countries, and with a variety of cultures, governmental organizations, and NGO's.

Some of our past projects:


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